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by catid posted (>30 days ago) 1:08am Tue. Apr 3rd 2012 PDT
Taking a break from homework to leave this stub here.  Fill this in with ARM + Android development notes.

The goal is to write piconquest using wirehair through NDK to transfer pictures over UDP from my VPS.  The UI will be presented with javascript in a WebKit view.  Phone ID will be collected from the phone and used to identify each user so login is optional.  Custom login with active google account can be used to change which user account is associated with the phone ID.  This will give me experience debugging NDK, Java and WebKit layers on the actual phone hardware in real time.

First tech demo will be a TCP control channel being used to coordinate FEC/UDP downloads of pictures and to display them, allowing a side-by-side demonstration of improved download performance via FEC/UDP.  This will just be simple Java UI to display a picture and the NDK which should easily port wirehair.  Have a switch and a button to load 10 MB picture via TCP or FEC/UDP and visually see speed.

Second tech demo will allow end user to upload as well as download available content.  User interface will be presented with javascript and HTML5 in WebKit.  Resources loaded into WebKit with FEC/UDP will have an easy API.

Third tech demo will involve a user login with the phone ID and optional google account.  When the user logs in they can store persistent account data and look at other peoples' uploaded pictures.

Fourth tech demo will be first version of piconquest, with a geoloc quest database added by users.  Google Maps API to draw flags.  FEC/UDP for downloads where possible.  Ability to push pictures to quest owners for approval.  Point system.
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