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by catid posted (>30 days ago) 4:12am Sat. Jun 9th 2012 PDT
Just a brief note before I crash.  Had an interesting idea for combating lag for browser games that I am going to be experimenting with soon:

Right now UDP is not widely available for JavaScript running in browsers, but TCP sockets are made available.  There is often a limit of 6 TCP connections per domain, but that is still a lot of connexions.  My thought is to open up the limit, and then transmit data in a round-robin fashion over all of the pipes.  The result for low-throughput low-latency types of connexions (like for real-time games) should be much lower average latency because head-of-line blocking on lost packets will be reduced to roughly 1/6th of its normal impact.  Pair this with the time synch algorithm I developed for Sphynx and you have a powerful real-time network transport approach that can rival UDP for low latency.