Code Poetry
and Text Adventures

by catid posted (>30 days ago) 11:44am Sat. Oct 13th 2012 PDT
Deciding what to do with my Decay Opus project (

The initial plan was to just put up some poetry that decays over a period of months until it is unreadable.

But, I have been wanting to do some WebGL for a while so the current plan is a lot more complex.

I want to build a limitless 3D terrain simulation you can walk around on.  There will be limitless stars and galaxies overhead, and you will be able to see other people walking around.  You can drop poetry on the ground, which people will be able to walk into the radius and view.  You can add to the collection of poetry in a stack.  People will use these and the ground as landmarks.  In the cardinal and semi-cardinal directions there will be icons to help with navigation.

The terrain seed will be chosen so that a 0,0 there is a big mountain called Point Zero that everyone will start out on, with a permanent immutable poetry sheet that explains briefly what it is about.  Since everyone starts there it will be open by default before they start walking around.

Over time these poems will necessarily decay but you can decide how the decay will happen.  Poems are sorted by level of decay, so newest on top, and you can go down the set to the bottom.

The server will only store the current state of the poems so they are truly lost forever.

And slowly over time the sky and terrain will also shift.
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