Code Poetry
and Text Adventures

by catid posted (>30 days ago) 6:28pm Tue. May 14th 2013 PDT
Let's write bots for all of the somewhat popular cellphone games that allow you to gift currency.  The bot wallets will just sit on the network with real phone numbers.

To send money into the exchange you gift a bot wallet in your game of choice, which then credits you on our server.

To receive money from the exchange you text the bot wallet with a code, which then gifts your phone.

Then, write an "exchange" app that connects to our servers and matches buyers of one game currency with another.

Okay so what's the point?

Well..  Exchanges take a cut of any transaction (of course).

Finally our servers will have bitcoin wallets that allow people to buy/sell bitcoins with game currencies.  Then we use established methods to get real money in/out of bitcoins and we're all set.

Let other people find ways to get lots of gold in the games; that's the hard part.