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by catid posted (>30 days ago) 9:26pm Tue. Aug 27th 2013 PDT
New library: secure random number generator.

+ Split out the existing stuff.

New library: genus 2 montgomery with Q-curves


New library: Tabby.

+ My HMQV and Schnorr stuff.
+ Improve SYN-cookies to include puzzles.  Make it load-reactive.
+ Include server data in the first message.
+ c2s add a random number so client can reuse public keys and include it in server proof.

New library: networking layer.

+ Split out the existing stuff.

+ Add libuv's pSetFileCompletionNotificationModes improvement.

+ Send: List of addresses, set of OVERLAPPED objects + iotype word + buffer pointers x4, one buffer, with field for reference count

iotypes: single shared buffer send, single not shared buffer send, multiple not shared buffer send

organize buffers into lists when reference count = 0 and batch release together after processing all pending events

+ Receive: Keep outstanding number of read requests up at a specific number (128), each from 2048 bytes of a 4KB page

+ Add simple recvfrom loop for UDP on other architectures, for now.

New library: transport, client/server model, DNS client, and file transfer layer.

+ Add low-latency broadcasts on Transport channel with a broadcast symmetric key.

+ Use calico and other libs

+ Switch from LSB32 in Server.cpp to using a linked list of workers to trigger

LUAJIT interface for transport layer.
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