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by catid posted (>30 days ago) 12:12pm Wed. Oct 9th 2013 PDT
i ported libstrophe to iOS and rewrote their TLS to use Apple's built-in Secure Transport so no need for heavy multi-MB OpenSSL libraries:

the library works on armv7 armv7s and i386 simulator
playing with TLS for mobile was interesting
because i want to release my own
now i know what OpenSSL, gnuTLS, Windows schannel and Apple Secure Transport look like
hint: they all suck in one way or another

+ OpenSSL is just horribly complex and impossible to do anything really secure with
+ gnuTLS is outdated
+ schannel is a huge complex mess to use and impossible to do it right in a secure way
+ Apple Secure Transport is the best one but to use anything other than the basic features requires Objective C

i'm going to base mine off Apple Secure Transport, as it's pretty good for basic usage