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by catid posted (>30 days ago) 9:30pm Sun. Dec 1st 2013 PST
Version 1.0 of Snowshoe is up!

This is now the world's fastest open-source Elliptic Curve cryptography library.  Meaning that each function that it provides completes faster than any alternative library available online.

Snowshoe is a conservative library designed for simplicity and testability that has undergone rigorous testing.  The functions provide SPA protection unlike many alternatives.

Its speed is due to using all of the latest techniques, including GLS endomorphisms, GLV-SAC exponent recoding, LSB-set comb recoding, optimal extension fields with Mersenne prime modulus, and so on.  Full details are available in the README on the website.

Binary static libraries for x86-64 are available for Mac and Windows, and Snowshoe should be easily portable to other platforms as it is essentially one C++ source file that just performs math.

Snowshoe does not provide hash algorithms or random number generators, so using it requires some additional work for a practical application.  I plan on building an efficient key agreement protocol library that takes care of the random number generation for you, which will also provide efficient signatures.