Code Poetry
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by catid posted (>30 days ago) 2:03pm Tue. Aug 5th 2014 PDT
So the last 4 months have been incredibly busy.  I took on a job at Oculus VR, which was then quickly acquired by Facebook.

In that time I've been working roughly 12-15 hrs/day and weekends on the software that accompanies the headset.  A lot of my interests happen to overlap.  For instance, they're interested in using my erasure code software for wireless sensor updates, and the encryption too.
by (Anonymous) posted (>30 days ago) 12:25pm Sat. Sep 19th 2015 PDT
I was wondering how come you haven't been picked up by any prominent tech company. I guess that explains it.
A bit saddened to not see you ending up in the games industry, but eh, they don't deserve you really.