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by catid posted (>30 days ago) 10:06pm Sun. Dec 14th 2014 PST
It looks like Dr. Plank was threatened with patent infringement litigation by StreamScale.  His software page now indicates that Jerasure is unsupported.

Some more details came out recently on this site:

There are two papers that have been published explaining what the patent is mainly about:

There is prior art in the Linux kernel related to RAID6:

And there is also a recent paper by Dr. Plank from the FAST 13 conference "Screaming Fast Galois Field Arithmetic Using Intel SIMD Instructions"

This is a pretty terrible blow to software erasure codes.  StreamScale is far too small to effect real progress on erasure coding used for all its applications in file transfer, cloud computing, game network streaming, torrenting, VoIP, over-air updates, etc etc.  Reed Solomon was one of the last patent-free ways to do erasure coding for new applications.  Unfortunately they have made moves to hamper progress made by any other software developers.

StreamScale, shown here stomping out the little guy:

Congrats guys.  Slow clap.  You kicked a big friendly puppy who was helping an uncountable number of people get quality software.
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by (Anonymous) posted (>30 days ago) 10:34am Mon. Jun 15th 2015 PDT
Very interesting clarification on the subject, thank you very much, I'm astonished that this info is not so well known by most people. Jerasure was very promising. I hope the community will take care of it.